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NYC-Based Full Stack JS Developer

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Hi, I'm Sarah!

After graduating from a coding bootcamp in late 2017 as a full stack engineer, I spent a year working on automated UI testing in an agile scrum environment. I am love writing code to create beautiful and user-friendly experiences, and I am excited to be using this passion in my work as a full stack engineer at a healthtech company.

Prior to working as a software engineer, I worked in office management and graphic design, and I have additional education in biology and health sciences.

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My Latest Project:

Share Wins

Share Wins home screen

A fun website allowing users to share their wins with the greater community. All users can view wins submitted by others, and authenticated users can enter their own wins to share their successes with the community.

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My Latest Blog Post:

Participating In The Planning Process

"I wanna be in The room where it happens The room where it happens The room where it happens." -Hamilton As a junior engineer, I don't expect to have a large role in my planning my team's work. I know that my input is welcome on all of our current projects and that my manager is interested on my thoughts on what I'd like to do in the future, but I also know that the high level future planning is general done above my level. When my manager extended an invitation to our team to participate in the team's 2021 t-shirt sizing estimation process, my original thought was that I wanted to participate, but it probably wasn't appropriate for me. After thinking about it a bit, I realized that my manager would not have extended the invitation to theā€¦

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