Sarah Katz

NYC-Based Full Stack JS Developer

Recent Blog Posts:

It's Okay That I'm Not Perfect

February 17, 20204 minute read

Perfectionism is a funny thing. On the one hand, if you're trying for perfection, you'll probably end up working hard and creating something…

Not-So-New Job: 90 Day Check-In

February 10, 20203 minute read

Three months ago, I started a new job. This happened at the end of a long and difficult job search, and while I was optimistic, I was also…

A New Adventure: Popping Into the Back End

February 03, 20204 minute read

While my official job title is "Full Stack Engineer," I almost entirely work on front-end development - and I'm happy with that. I love…

A Call For Proposals: Are You Calling Me?

January 27, 20206 minute read

This week, Codeland, which you might recall was my first tech conference last year, released their CFP ("Call for Proposals"). I had been…

Work-Life Balance: Emphasis on Balance

January 20, 20202 minute read

When people talk about work-life balance, they mostly focus on the work part of it - you don't want your work to take over your life. But I…