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Job Search Reset: Changing It Up

August 19, 20198 minute read

Six months. That's how long it has been since I started my full-time job search (a little over 6 months, actually - my last day at my old…

Dealing With Rejection: How I Bounce Back

August 12, 20195 minute read

I recently applied for a job that I was fairly excited about. I made it through the full interview process, even coming out of the onsite…

Why I Do This: About My Blog

August 05, 20197 minute read

Recently, my blog came up in a conversation, and the person with whom I was speaking asked me a bit more about my blog. During the course of…

My First Tech Conference: Key Takeaways

July 29, 201910 minute read

Last Monday, July 22nd, was a milestone day in my career as a developer. I experienced a dev rite of passage - my first conference. After a…

Preparing For My First Tech Conference

July 22, 20197 minute read

Today I will be attending Codeland Conference in NYC. This my first ever tech conference, and I'm nervous but excited. Codeland is organized…

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