Sarah Katz

NYC-Based Full Stack JS Developer

Losing My Voice

March 15, 20214 minute read

Once upon a time, a girl attended a coding bootcamp. As part of that bootcamp, she had lectures from and meetings with the career success…

Managing Impressions (And Learning Not To)

March 01, 20215 minute read

Every other week my company has a short "huddle" for the tech and product orgs, and at a recent huddle, one of my coworkers introduced our…

Setting My Career Path

February 15, 20216 minute read

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my future and where I want my career to go. Part of this is just normal wondering about the future…

Embracing Feedback

February 01, 20213 minute read

For many companies (including mine), feedback is an essential part of building a good company culture. Building a feedback culture means…

Finding Balance

January 18, 20215 minute read

One thing I've struggled with throughout my life (and I've particularly noticed it over the last few years) is balance. Balancing work…