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Kindness Matters: A Reminder To Spread Positive Energy

July 15, 20193 minute read

NOTE: This post contains references to mental health, suicide, and light references to cyber bullying. If any of these topics are difficult…

The Interview Process: Phone Screen

July 08, 20196 minute read

While my job search has not yet resulted in me finding my perfect next job, it has led to quite a few interviews. In fact, last week and…

Finding My Developer Community

July 01, 20196 minute read

One of the interesting things about my coding bootcamp experience is that we didn't just learn to code - we learned to become developers…

Reflections on The Job Search: Four Months In

June 24, 20194 minute read

Four months. That's how long it's been since my job search started. This job search has taken twice as long as my last job search. Four…

A Shy Dev Networks: Tales of Two Women In Tech Events

June 17, 20195 minute read

This week, I attended two events geared towards women in tech, both organized by PowerToFly. Each event was an opportunity to hear from the…

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