Sarah Katz

NYC-Based Full Stack JS Developer

Personal Portfolio ~ January-March 2019

A complete redesign (from scratch) of my personal portfolio site.

Technologies Used: Gatsby, React, GraphQL, Markdown

JDASH/ATE ~ February 2018-Febuary 2019
Created while at Techolution/J.Crew

An internal dashboard that runs a suite of automated tests in a Docker container and generates a customized HTML report that includes screenshots and steps to reproduce failed tests

Technologies Used: React, Redux, Selenium Webdriver, Jest, HTML, CSS, Node.js

Viewtrition ~ November-December 2017
Created while at Fullstack Academy

This iOS app, built as a capstone project while at Fullstack Academy, allows users to take a picture of food, and, after confirming the contents of the picture, returns nutritional information about the meal in easy-to-understand charts.

Technologies Used: React Native, Redux, React-Redux, Firebase Auth, Cloud Firestore, Expo, Victory Charts, Clarifai API, Nutritionix API

Pics Or You Didn't Medal ~ November 2017
Created while at Fullstack Academy

This app, built for a five-day hackathon, allows users to input a race, date and location, and when they log in after the race, they will be shown some pictures taken nearby that can serve as inspiration for their post-race medal pictures.

Technologies Used: React, Redux, React-Redux, Flickr API, Nominatim API, Strava API, Passport, OAuth

WDW Timeline ~ February - March 2017
Created while at General Assembly

An interactive timeline of events at Walt Disney World. Built using Bootstrap and jQuery, users can filter events based on categories (such as theme park) by clicking buttons at the top of the page and toggle descriptions of events by clicking on the event name.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

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